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There is something inherently magical about your website attracting visitors without any form of promotion. It is called organic traffic and is the result of search engines crawling your website and listing it in their search results.

Purpose, Quality, Integrity

When performing a search, users expect to get a list of the most relevant websites. Search engines therefore try to determine the purpose and target audience of a website. Over the years search engines have become very sophisticated. They use an extensive list of signals to analyze a website. This results in a ranking based upon three fundamentals: purpose, quality and integrity. They are an important focus of SEO efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO optimizes websites so they play nice with search engines. It is a combination of guidelines and tactics that cover 3 aspects.

Basically, SEO 1° increases ranking ratings by optimization and authority building; and 2° prevents ranking penalties caused by ambiguous content, technical errors or other slip-ups.

SEO tactics are employed throughout every website project and part of the content and design phases. Once a website is live additional SEO effort is beneficial in order to fine-tune and update content and code.

Myth: Success happens overnight

Optimise your website, see the results next day? Not quite. Search Engines are cautious, they take months to rank quality sites high up on their result pages. SEO requires a consistent and long term focus but it is a vital tool in the toolbox that leads to results.


Optimize your website — increase visitor numbers.

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