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Privacy statement

We care about your privacy

Your data is safe with us. We do not collect any data other than data you share with use through forms or email. We do not share any data with third parties.

A word about cookies

Cookies are small, temporary text files placed on a device by the browser. They are used to store user preferences (e.g. language), keep track of items added to a shopping bag while a visitor browses a website etc.

How do we use cookies?

We only install first-party cookies (cookies installed by We do NOT allow third-party cookies (third-party cookies are typically social network or online-advertising related cookies installed by a third party, meaning a domain other than, through our website, on your device).

1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are required for our website to properly function and do not require your consent.

Name Description Expiration time
in_visitor Used by to store an integer representing your consent or dissaproval to allow analytical cookies 1 year

2. Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to measure website usage by visitors (completely anonymous, we are not able to identify individual visitors), e.g. how long visitors remain on a certain page, how often a page is loaded etc. This information helps us understand how the website is performing and how we can optimise it.

Name Description Expiration time
_pk_id.x.xxxx Used by Matomo, stores visitor details e.g. a random unique visitor ID 1 week
_pk_ref[...] Used by Matomo, stores the referrer initially used to visit the website 6 months
_pk_ses.x.xxxx Used by Matomo, temporarily stores data for the visit 30 minutes
MATOMO_SESSID Used by Matomo, prevents CSRF security issues Session duration
_ga Used by Google Analytics, used to distinguish users 2 years
_gid Used by Google Analytics, used to distinguish users 24 hours
_gat[...] Used by Google Analytics, used to throttle request rate 1 minute

By default these cookies are not installed unless you agreed so either on this page or by accepting the cookies policy notice. You can choose to allow or disallow the use of these cookies below (if Yes or No are selected you previously made a choice on this page or you clicked Ok on the privacy notification). These cookies may remain on your device after disallowing their use but no further measuring will be done once you have revoked permission.